Catching Dragonflies- A Metaphyical Bookstore and Gift Shop

dragonfly flying two feet then two feet more Issa over image of dragonfly

Leaves droopy,wilted, tired, shivled, like gray hairs, several leaves red,, brown and shriveled like grey hairs.

Top of tree bronzed tipped leaves
Breeze crisp, backbone, not languid, stiff.Flat sky
Gym shoes, jeans, hywaiin shirt, straw hat, leather briefcase black.
Purple keen sandals, soft grey capris, grey and purple flannel shitt, leathery body skin, grey hair, swaybacked.
Jeans athletic gym shoes, puce shirt, safari hat protecting neck, ball cap. Stooped.
Black tte shitt jeans shoes, meduim length hair, walking body reflexed over extended
Grass short
Black nylon skirt tank top, busty free walking, sholder lenght black hair and we made it.
Woman police officer, long black hair bangs, hair in pony tail, longlish face, long stiff slacks uniform, partner shorts short sleeved shirt, takking to some homess people, curcly hair, sitting coss legged, with dogs, tie dyed shirts grubby knapcasks, barefoot, saying her mother boyfriend wants her back, in si gsong tone of voice, cajoling standing overthem, but soft voice slumped shoulders contrast stiff pants shirt badge looked stiff enough to hold up a body. Partner writes up a summons, yukon car,
Grass in park green leaves bronzed, petunia baskets in full flower, bright sun, but not summer warm,
Bamboo olive leaves eaten, tan olive, bronze mildewed, curled brozed, fruit laden with green ball bell shaped friuts alien,

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