1. To stand out from the crowd ( take initiative) in her practical work ( practical application of spiritual skills) to use initiative in spiritual invetigation shinexalight in darkness, heal her wound in effectively seeking justice, we may think she is doing this for financial reasons, but really this is also a chance to fight for justice, to rescue others and herself, to find peace, heal, create justice ( justice shecnever quite got or her father) she was a coward afterward, and b,ind beforehand son died also in her work. Never could get justice for kids. Save them heal them not enough resources, time etc.
A. Avoid being done in by shocks surprises earhquakes at work or at home. In routines, interferencecby life others. Find peace create it.
2. Does she get it,? Yes

1. Sun moon scorpio8/ libra 7 passion for justice, organizing ability, pschychologist, swred intellect, tendency to manipulate when